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Common mistakes in marketing e-mail campaigns


Before you launch your own e-mail campaign, I recommend you study some of the most common mistakes in this field. I found nine so far, but I’m sure the list can go on.

1. Expecting immediate success

The only variable that influences the success of any marketing campaign is the strength of the message. That’s why a campaign needs to be focused and faithful to the promoted message. Results will appear, but it takes time and perseverance, so you’ll have to be patient.

2. Selecting the wrong target audience

You have to target a specific audience for your message. Don’t go over budget in order to reach a large number of people, if they aren’t in your target group. Also, take into consideration the fact that your e-mail has to reach a certain person in the company, not just any representative.

3. Assuming the business owner knows best

In most situations the business owner is subjective, and won’t be able to tell which solution will work best. This is in fact why he hired people to do specific jobs for him. If you’re in charge of the e-mail campaign, and you think the owner is wrong, you should state your point of view. Negative feedback helps companies evolve and grow.

4. Unfunded complaints

Service providers have a hard time stating the benefits of their products, as the product itself can not actually be seen. Many customer complaints are overlooked, as they are not correctly understood, while many customers complain because they misunderstood some aspect of the service.

This is why you should always be specific when talking about what your product has to offer and avoid generalizations.

5. Single emails instead of email campaigns

This sends us back to the first rule. You cannot expect good results after just one message. The messages you send are like pieces of a puzzle that takes time to finish. In order to have the result you aim for, you have to persevere and set the base for a relationship between yourself and your targeted audience.

6. Ignoring the adequate moment for sending emails.

You have to take into consideration the bigger picture when sending your messages. Every company functions as a part of a bigger market, which influences its activities. You can take advantage of these situations, and communicate your company message in a more adequate tone.

7. Ignoring the words with impact.

The name of the e-commerce game is “persuasiveness”, influencing potential buyers to really buy your merchandise. This is what really brings you money and success. Words like “credible”, “creative”, “persuasive”, “intelligent” and many others have a great influence on the human mind.

So take all of the above into consideration when launching you own campaigns and try not to make the same mistakes as most people do.


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