B2B Marketing


fresh experiences on marketing topics for the B2B enterprises and more

welcome to a fresh blog on b2b

This blog is for:

  • those who got tired of reading books on b2b, strategy, planning and management… that seldom really work
  • those who need a fresh point of view in all these areas
  • entrepreneurs who start-up on their business adventure
  • whomever wants to know how marketing life is on the line of fire

Although I am not advertising for anything on this particular blog, I do own interests in a management consulting business, which you are welcome to find out more about from my personal profile. I am more willing to learn from this blog, by reading and replying methodically to your comments and your points, as this is ultimately my goal for this blog.

 This being said, let’s proceed to some fresh points of view on old or even new topics.

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